Seychelle Regular Water Filter Pitcher
Seychelle Regular Water Filter Pitcher
Seychelle Regular Water Filter Pitcher

A Powerful Pitcher That Can Remove Up To 99.99% of Contaminants Out of Your Tap!
A powerful solution for cleaning your drinking water, Seychelle's filtration systems transforms unsafe/foul tasting water into quality drinking water! Similar to our pH pitcher by Seychelle, this pitcher Eliminates over 100+ known tap water contaminants up to 99.99% such as chemicals, heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals, industrial/agricultural pollutants and much more, leaving you with nothing but great tasting water that's safe to drink. Other companies like Brita and Zerowater can't entirely remove many of these contaminants, but Seychelle can! This patented filtration method also does not strip the healthy minerals from your water like reverse osmosis and similar filtration systems.
  • Tested to exceed NSF standards for over 150 gallons
  • Removes over 100 contaminants at a rate up to 99.9%
  • Filter life up to 6 months
  • Proudly built in the USA
What's Included:
  • Pitcher Unit - 2x Filters
  • 1x Flush Disk
  • Accepts both Regular Gen 2 (1-40100-2) filters and pH Gen 2 (1-40500-2) filters
Other Info:
  • Dimensions: 11"H x 6"W x 5"D
  • Weight: 2 Lbs