Breaking: Seychelle Water Filters Important Notice!

Seychelle No Longer Sold On eBay

*As of February 2022,

Did you know Seychelle has discontinued the allowance of their products to be sold on the eBay sales channel?

Seychelle, nor any officially supported distributor will be selling on eBay for the foreseeable future. While we, mr.GoodFilter still do have an eBay store, we won't be able to sell Seychelle products there any longer due to these new manufacturer directives.

Q: Where Do I Buy Now?

A: Not to worry, we still fully stock and continue to offer fairly priced Seychelle Filters at At, we are dedicated to offering the best prices and best services anywhere for the Seychelle branded product. You can find all your favorite Seychelle Filters right here.


Q: Is Shipping Free on Your Site?

A: Yes, at mr.GoodFilter all shipping is completely free for domestic shipments within the USA. At the time of writing, other sites, including Seychelle direct, charges a fee on some orders. Note: Most International buyers are charged a flat postage fee at checkout.


Q: Do I Really Not Have to Pay SalesTax at Checkout?

A: For most people shopping with us, this is true. Because of the way we have structured our small business, we are legally not obligated to collect Sales Tax from most customers at checkout.

At the time of writing (2/02/2022), we are only required to collect Tax from most Californians, meaning that we are not obligated to collect Sales Tax from 49 other states! Other larger companies, such as Seychelle direct are typically obligated to collect Tax from you on most transactions. 

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